Best Android Emulator for Windows 7 (2021)

Choosing Best Android Emulators for particular requirements is hard! I think you know because it needs a better performance computer and it needs to support the old operating system. Now I’m going to show you Best Android Emulator for Windows 7 and Above

Today, We have taken a list of best android emulators which supports old operating system like Windows 7 and 10. and last we will talk about Best android emulator for windows 10 also.

Best Android Emulator for Windows 7

What is Emulator?

Basically, the Android system has more apps than Desktop, We all want to run those apps and games on PC like Windows or Mac, To Run it on Windows we want to create Virtual System. To Create a Virtual System we Use Emulator

What is Android Emulator?

To Run Android APPs in Windows or Mac, we want to Create an android virtual system. So We are going to use Emulators and those called Android Emulators. There are more than 50 Best android emulators let’s check which one is best.

Best Android Emulators for Windows 7

So here is the main topic, We have tested more than 15 popular android emulators in my windows 7 and 4 GB ram. If you’re having the lower than 2 GB ram keep reading you’ll find out.

In this List, We Suggested the Best Emulators which are available for free, and also the Lightest Android emulator.

Android Emulator for Windows 7
Emulator NameReviewPrice
LDPlayerLightest Android EmulatorFree
BluestacksFor GamingFree
Comparison of Android Emulators

Top 5 Android Emulator for Windows 7 and above

1) LDPlayer

You might get doubts why everyone promotes LDPlayer and Blustacks is the Best Android Emulator. To Be Honest, they will give affiliate commissions when you download. So Every creator as lists LDPlayer and Bluestacks as primary.

And Personally, I liked to use LDPlayer only because it has the coolest overview and looks, It is a very Well optimized Emulator and the lightest emulator where you can run it on Below 4GB ram. I mean you can run it very easily on 2Gb ram.

This LDPlayer Emulator works Perfectly in Windows 7 or above (No doubt) and it is free of cost. To Download LDPlayer android emulator Links is Given Below.

2) Droid4x

Droid4x is a Veery lightest emulator which has every feature like screen recording, file manager, and many required tools which we use regularly in our android mobiles.

Droid4x is a very old project it has fewer features when compared to the other Top Android Emulators. I also had installed and I have run clash of clans game and PUBG also it runs smooth but it has missed some major features like Keyboard shortcuts.

For Some apps, it optimizes perfectly and it runs very fast and it supports various Rendering Processors. Although it has a basic look like the old version of android which makes it easier.

To Download Droid4x Emulator the link is given below and is completely free.

3) Andy

If you don’t listen to Andy Emulator before let me explain in 2 lines, It is a Very Compact Android Emulator like Droid4x Emulator, It Has Only Important features and does not have bulky options.

Android Emulator for Windows 7

It is easy to manage the game shortcuts on Keyboard and mainly this emulator focuses only on Games. and it has prebuilt shortcuts from popular games like Asphalt, Clash of clans, etc.

It Supports OpenGL Hardware and Provides the best view for the user. It has other Features like app sync etc. also supports MAC os and obviously Windows.

It is Completely Free Lifetime, and Enterprise Version is also available which costs reasonably. To Download Link given below.

4) Bluestacks

In the latest version of Bluestacks 5, Improved lots of Codes to Boostup the Mobile Games Optimizations. And Bluestacks is the Popular Android Emulator. It has every top-notch feature.

Emulator for Windows 7

Usually, The Bluestacks focus the gaming it provides high performance. You can download Bluestacks if you focusing on Gaming. Even though the latest update is a very upgradable version of the previous version.

Personally, I have tested all the below android emulators but I only liked 2 of them named LDPlayer and Bluestacks. The download link is given below.

5) Nox Player

Let’s talk about what’s special in NOX Player? From All of them, the Nox player is very special in Performance and speed. If you looking for both gaming and multitasking the NOX Player makes a better choice for you.

Android Emulator for Windows 7

When I tested the NOX player has blazing fast when I installed it. and it allows every feature which we need and was able to screen record, shake the phone, screenshot, Allows graphics optimization, New Looks, Every month’s new security updates.

To be honest you just need to try this before installing another Android Emulator. To Download this the link is provided here. It is free of cost and the latest version.

Guide for Downloading Android Emulator for Windows 7

I know every user struggles to download when he was a beginner, Even we are also beginners one time. So this is a simple and easy guide for downloading Android Emulator for Windows 7 and above

  1. Select any emulators and Click on the Download button (I have given them already)
  2. Now you will be redirected to the Official Website. Now download link appears and clicks that.
  3. You can see .exe will be downloading, after done open it, Iits starts installing. That’s it.

Best android emulators for windows 10, 8

I prefer only 3 android emulators for windows 7,10,8 which are outstanding performance in both gaming and optimizing apps. Present Every package of android emulator supports windows 10 obviously.

List of Best Emulators Supports Windows 7,8,10:

  • LDPlayer Emulator (Lightest Android Emulator and Best)
  • Bluestacks (Gaming Emulator)
  • Nox Player (All-Rounder Emulator)
  • Droid4x (Fastest Emulator)

Best Android Emulator for Windows 7 32 bit

List of a Best android emulator for windows 32 bit, The Below list shows that the android emulators which supports the windows 7 32bit operating system.

  • LDPlayer Emulator
  • Droid4x Emulator
  • NOX Player

(The download link is given above article. Kindly check it out.)

Best Android Emulator for Windows 7 64 bit

List of the Best android emulator for windows 64 bit, The Below list shows that the android emulators which supports the windows 7 64 bit operating system.

  • All of them

The list which I have shared with you above works with windows 7 64 bit.

Android Emulators for below 2GB ram

I have seen in every forum everyone keeps asking which one should I use I have 2GB ram only?

Answer: My suggestion is to use LDplayer or Droid4x it is the very lightest emulator and I ran and tested it as well. So once try if there are lags there is no solution you need to upgrade it.

read more: Best Android Emulator for 2GB Ram PC

FAQ on Android Emulators

Can I run Android apps on Windows 7?

Of course, you can, You can run android apps with the android emulator. It is completely free of cost.

Which Android emulator is best for 2GB RAM?

You can try LDPlayer and Droid4x. If it seems lagging you need to upgrade your ram.

How can I download the Android emulator for Windows 7?

I have provided links for every emulator, I prefer to download LDPlayer. The download link is given above.

Does Windows 7 have an app store?

Nope, Even Windows 10 have a Microsoft store. If you want android plays store download any android emulator.

Which is faster BlueStacks or NOX?

Of course NOX, Bluestacks only for gaming. And Nox Player for Performance.

Can BlueStacks run on 1GB RAM?

No, Not Possible because the Virtual OS wants more than 1GB Ram to create virtual OS

Is LDPlayer better than BlueStacks?

Yes, LDPlayer has more lightweight than Bluestacks. In terms of performance, both are incredible.

Which is the best android emulator for windows 7

Personally, I suggest LDPlayer


I hope you read this article from top to bottom. If you still have doubts link which emulator is best? Go for LD player. It has a fully loaded performance in every term. So I hope you got the answer on Best Android Emulator for Windows 7.

To Download LDPlayer here is the direct link to download – Click here to download LDPlayer Emulator.

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