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For 3D Designers and Digital Artists – Autodesk Maya Course – quick guide for beginners

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What you’ll Learn

  • Create models in Maya, apply textures and lights, and then render them.
  • Basics of rigging using Maya.
  • Animating your 3D objects.
  • Simulating dynamic effects like water, cloud, and smoke. Also, you will learn about Bifrost simulation.
  • You will be able to apply rigid bodies technique.
  • You will be able to render your scene using high quality renderers.


  • There are no prerequisites to take this course. The instructor has started from basics.


Autodesk Maya is an industry-leading 3D animation software application developed by Autodesk that enables video professionals

who work on animated films, television programs, visual effects, and video games to create highly professional three-dimensional (3D) cinematic animations.

This course covers the following concepts and tools of Autodesk Maya:






Bullet Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics

nDynamics Simulation Framework


Fluid Effects


Working with connections between dynamics objects


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Who this course is for:

  • VFX artists and Maya users
  • Basic and advanced users
  • Users who want to create small advertisements, movies, and gaming applications
  • Users who want to learn modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, simulation, and dynamics.

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